Everything you ever wanted to know about waterproof WPC or Wood Plastic Composite flooring

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WPC is a 100% waterproof premium multilayer hyper-realistic vinyl flooring that combines the strength of hardwood and the maintainability, resilience and affordability of PVC. Embossed textures on the planks replicates the grain textures almost exactly. The foam backing inhibits bacterial grown as well as smoothes out imperfect subfloors. Clean up is a breeze; with a damp mop keeping the flooring … Read More

How to deal with the issue of prefinished floors and curved stair nosing

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A client came into the store asking what she could do about getting a radius nosing for her prefinished floor. Her installer told her that prefinished floors don’t have prefinished nosings, but that one could be created out of smaller pieces of wood nosing. However, this would create wood grains that flowed in different directions. That wasn’t acceptable. We told … Read More

Hardwood Flooring issues when dealing with slab foundations

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When the designer of a contemporary home was searching for just the right flooring to accentuate this fabulous Encino hilltop home, which was built upon a slab foundation, there were issues to consider. Although solid flooring would have been a wonderful choice, its installation would have necessitated a plywood subfloor, which would add to the cost. There would also be … Read More

The mystery about the different grades of wood flooring

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When shopping for something as important and long lasting as hardwood flooring, it’s important that you understand the different grades of wood. For Unfinished hardwood flooring there are predominantly 5 grades you need to understand; * Clear Grade is considered the most consistent grade; with few color variations, and little to no visible knots or pinholes. * Select or Better … Read More


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