The Cure for the common beam

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A customer came into the shop complaining her new hardwood flooring accentuated how unattractive her old paint grade ceiling beams were. We suggested that new hand distressed wood beams that … Read More

Cork – An Eco friendly and Green option

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Cork flooring is a popular and ecological option for those wanting to remain green. Because of the cork’s inherent makeup, it provides the homeowner with a natural cushion when it’s … Read More

Reclaimed Elm Wood flooring

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Reclaimed wood flooring is not only a responsible re-use of precious lumber resources, but also a simple way to ensure your flooring is as unique as it is attractive. This … Read More

Red Cross for Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood Flooring is beautiful and durable, but it does have its weak points, points that can be defended against with a few helpful hints: 1) Scratches, dents and dings – … Read More