A beautiful wood floor that will last you a lifetime, is worth a little work.

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Things to help you keep your hardwood flooring for a lifetime

With the proper care and consideration, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime.

Maintenance of hardwood flooring should NOT include harsh cleansers or abrasive equipment. When an accident occurs it is important that the spill or pet boo boo be cleaned up quickly with a soft damp cloth. NEVER pour water onto the floor. This does not include waxed flooring, which should never be cleaned with a damp mop.

Keep grit off the floor. Use mats at all exterior doors and utilize small sections of carpet or area rugs on the inside.  Apply protective chair and table glides, avoiding whenever possible metals or had plastics.

For deep scratch damages it is possible to refinish them. One method is sanding by hand with special tools. Another method is via machines and different sandpapers in ever-smaller grains.  The final touch is then finished either by oil, polyurethane, waxes, varnishes, lacquers, and shellacs.

Hardwood Finishes eventually lose their shine and on occasion stain. To return them to their original luster most hardwood floors can be refinished.

Please see a list of misc. hardwood finishes;

            Oiled – usually vegetable based flooring oil

            Polyurethane – water based or oil modified

            Waxes – natural oils from plants or vegetables

Cracks and Squeaks –

            Cracks are caused when the wood lacks adequate moisture. To help ease this problem, install a humidifier, thus balancing the moisture content in the house.

            Squeaks are caused when there is too much moisture. When dealing with wax flooring, apply a liberal amount of liquid wax to problematic areas. Another option is to drive 2” finishing nails through pilot holes drilled into the wood. Then, hide them with matching color putty.

It’s important to understand that hardwood flooring can last a lifetime, but it will necessitate some maintenance.  But isn’t a beautiful warm hardwood floor worth it?