Burmese Teak is a wonderful option for shower floors

National HardwoodNews

Burmese Teak is a naturally moisture-resistant tropical wood which is why it’s the perfect flooring choice for shower floors. It is renowned for its natural ability to resist mold, mildew and germs.  Burmese Teak flooring adds a sophisticated appearance to an otherwise bland shower stall. This will not negate the need for a water proof shower floor and drain but will work in tandem with it.

As with any flooring, Burmese Teak flooring requires a bit of upkeep.

Clean-up is simple; use a mild solution of soap and water to the surface and scrub it off.

Every 5-6 months wiping oil or h2o based poly finishes help maintain the ‘grip’ feeling.  

It is important to note that teak laminate is not what we are talking about. Solid Burmese teak is what is needed for shower flooring.