Cork – An Eco friendly and Green option

National HardwoodNews

Cork flooring is a popular and ecological option for those wanting to remain green.

Because of the cork’s inherent makeup, it provides the homeowner with a natural cushion when it’s stood upon. Cork is also Mother Nature’s sound barrier. It muffles music, footsteps and other noises that the mere act of living generates.

Cork flooring contains a natural hypoallergenic property called Suberin. This renders the flooring not only hypoallergenic, but resistant to insects. Cork flooring is a perfect choice for families affected by allergies.

Cork flooring comes in many colors, shapes and patterns, thus providing the homeowner with many, many options.

Although Cork is very resilient it is not resistant to the shock of falling objects. It easily dents from continuous pressure by items such as beds, armoires and/or kitchen appliances. To help avoid these dimples we suggest the use of coasters. We also suggest the homeowners avoid wearing high heels whenever possible. We all recommend that pet’s nails be maintained.

Cork also has the potential to fade; therefore rooms that are exposed to long durations of sunlight might not be the option for Cork floors.

National Hardwood has a wide variety of Cork floorings to choose from. It’s worth considering.