Hardwood Flooring issues when dealing with slab foundations

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When the designer of a contemporary home was searching for just the right flooring to accentuate this fabulous Encino hilltop home, which was built upon a slab foundation, there were issues to consider. Although solid flooring would have been a wonderful choice, its installation would have necessitated a plywood subfloor, which would add to the cost. There would also be a height issue created, appliances as well as doors would need additional clearance space. However, the designer found the perfect choice in our Engineered oak flooring #308520 Dark Grey. This floor features a 2mm top layer, is ½” thick, is lightly hand scraped with UV oil and is micro-beveled on all four sides. The floor color contrasted beautifully against the white walls of this massive home. From the huge living room, to the wine cellar to the master bedroom, and even the kitchen found this application to be one that was both stunning and appropriate.