How to keep SPC/WPC Waterproof flooring clean

National HardwoodNews

 SPC/WPC waterproof flooring is one of the easiest floorings to care for. 


  • For day-to-day maintenance, after sweeping the floor with a soft brush, or vacuuming the floor WITHOUT s beater, you can simply use any household cleaners with a damp mop.
  • For deeper cleanings you can wet mop with cleansers such as Lysol.
  • It is advisable to use microfiber mops.
  • Remove more stubborn soils with a soft nylon brush or sponge.


  • Don’t use bleach or heavy soap cleansers.
  • Don’t use Floor polish.
  • Don’t use abrasives or harsh chemicals (ammonia-based cleaners, wax based products, detergents).

We know these guidelines will help you help your new floor stay shiny and new.