Look out socks! – Radiant flooring is here !

National HardwoodNews

A beautiful home deserves to move to the next level. It deserves a warm touch when your foot steps onto it.

Radiant floor heating is silent, is state of the art, but is more affordable over the long haul. This is based on the CFA (Conditioned Floor Area), sending out heat from below, which moves evenly through the flooring.

Debunked 4 Myths about Radiant heating

#1 Radiant heating is something new – not true.

Controlled fires have been used since the days of Ancient Rome to help heat chambers.

#2 Radiant heating isn’t as much about heating the home as it is the floor – not true.

Radiant heating provides supplemental warmth not only to the floor, but throughout the entire room.

#3 Heat rises so Radiant heating can’t work – not true.

Hot air does rise, however heat does not.  Radiant heating will eventually heat the air, but first the flooring will be warm.

#4 The main purpose for Radiant heating is for energy efficiency – not true.

Conventional heating does an excellent job heating the rafters of your home, but Radiant heating provides an “everywhere” warmth.


Some Benefits:

Heats rooms of all shapes and sizes

No socks needed

No added floor height

Transmits heat efficiently

Tech friendly


One might ask, “Is it worth the money?”  -YES

You’ll end up paying more for the flooring, but it’ll only add to the resale value, and can you really put a price on your comfort?