Red Cross for Hardwood Flooring

National HardwoodNews

Hardwood Flooring is beautiful and durable, but it does have its weak points, points that can be defended against with a few helpful hints:

1) Scratches, dents and dings – These usually occur over time once the protective finish wears off. To slow this process down, do not wear high heals or hard soled shoes in the house, install protective pads on furniture legs, and keep the floor clean.

2) Floor fading – The UV rays from the sunlight can cause noticeable differences in the floor color over time. Sunlight will often turn polyurethane an amber tone over time. Keeping the shades lowered or redirected and the installation of UV coating films over your windows can slow this down.

3) Floor Warping/Humidity – Water can cause major problems with hardwood flooring. To prevent water from coming into contact with your flooring we advise the use of area rugs near entryways and below sinks. Also place houseplants pots on top of water collecting dishes. Monitor the humidity by using a Hygrometer to spot problems before they start.

4) Floor Shrinkage – Inadequate humidity is the cause of floor shrinkage. Standard moisture should be between 6 -9 %. When the floors lack humidity the floor will shrink or/and crack. By installing a humidifier within the air conditioning system. When controlled properly, shrinking and cracking may be avoided.