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SPC (Stone Plastic Core) and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) are excellent options for traditional hardwood flooring. Both SPC and WPC share general construction. Both are water resistant and durable to high traffic wear. Their main difference is the density of the rigid core layer.

Both typically contain four layers:

            Layer #1 Wear layer – Clear, durable and scratch resistant

            Layer #2 Vinyl Layer – Comprised of layers of vinyl

            Layer #3 Ridge core Layer – Made from wood composite (WPC)

            Layer #4 Base Layer – Bottom is usually made of foam or cork

The definition of the WPC and SPC:

WPC – is vinyl plank flooring with a rigid cork and/or “wood polymer composite flooring”. The core layer is thicker and lighter. It is softer underfoot and is a good sound absorber.

SPC – is stone plastic composite, with a rigid core made of powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers.  Because the core is thinner and more compact, it is less likely to react to extreme temperature swings and is exceptionally durable. The perfect choice for a home gym.

‘Waterproof’ flooring definition:  These floorings hold up well to spills and slashes, however water should not be allowed to sit for long period of times. Inattention to these types of spills, may void the warranty.  

Both SPC or WPC flooring are available in either a 20Mill top layer, which is perfect for commercial applications, or a 12Mill top layer perfect for residential use.  The selection of colors is vast, and the price is very attractive.