Stunning, beautiful floating staircase . . . . What could go wrong?

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Stunning, beautiful floating staircase . . . . What could go wrong?

A builder came to us with problems concerning his custom-made metal staircase structure. The First one was that the staircase had a 2” difference from the bottom to the top landing. The building code limits such differences between steps to ¼”.  He asked what could be done to correct that. 

We explained that if we gradually built up the height of each step by 1/8”, by the time it reached the landing, the total staircase would have gained the 2” elevation gain.  Small to us, but necessary in order to abide by the building code.

The second issue that needed attention was that ¼” metal step skeleton that when walked upon appeared slightly unstable.  What could be done?  We constructed a solid oak stair box and filled it with sandwiched layers of plywood.  This now strengthened the box and provided a solid stair feeling.

With these necessary corrections, this stunning floating staircase met the building code and felt wonderful to walk upon.