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Much as we slather on the sunblock during those hot days of summer, protect your flooring . . .  It will thank you in the form of longer last ability.

HUMIDITY – Watching the humidity levels on your flooring should be something you think about year-round, but especially during those long hot, dry days of summer. To help keep your wood flooring healthy try and maintain the humidity between 30-50% or within 60 to 75 degrees on your thermostat. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier. 

TRAFFIC – High traffic areas take an additional beating during those multiple visits in and out of the pool. Wood floors don’t like pool water.  They also don’t appreciate the additional influx of outdoor dirt that inevitably is being tracked in. Consider door mats.

DIRECT SUNLIGHT – Keeping your drapes drawn doesn’t only help keep your rooms cooler but might save your hardwood flooring. Direct sunshine easily causes unsightly fading and discoloration. 

PRODUCTS – Hardwood flooring deserves a little bit of sun protection in the form of special wood flooring cleaners. These 100% residue free cleaners help keep your finish intact. Sun-resistant sealants are also another option worth considering. 

4 Quick fixes –

  • Remove your shoes before entering the home and wiping your feet
  • Rinsing off your feet whenever coming back from bodies of water
  • Clean your floor often – Vacuuming with a bare floor attachment is more effective than sweeping
  • Utilizing Door mats.