Waterproof vs Water resistant Flooring – What’s the difference?

National HardwoodNews

Waterproof flooring means that the introduction of water will not affect the flooring’s core, while water resistant floors, while fending off the introduction of water, might be susceptible at the seams.

Then why not just purchase waterproof? Because in areas of the house where water will not be an issue, water resistant flooring allows your choices to expand.

Well known types of waterproof floorings are WPC (Wood polymer composites) and SPC (Solid polymer core).

WPC – tend to be more forgiving and are not as fragile. They’re lighter, softer, and quieter underfoot.

SPC – tend to be heavier, thus featuring harder indention prevention. Is a sturdier product and can handle extreme temperature better. It also works well on uneven subfloors.  

National Hardwood Flooring offers a large variety of both WPC and SPC floorings:

Mannington’s Aura Rigid

Lion’s Natural Essence

Shaw Flooring’s Floorte WPC

SK Flooring

Hapa Flooring

Calif Bamboo

And many more.