Why chose Hardwood Flooring?

National HardwoodNews

There are many flooring choices: carpeting, ceramic tile, marble and vinyl, however very little compares with the durability, health benefits, environmental benefits or added value that hardwood flooring brings to a home.

Hardwood Flooring is designed to survive the traffic of families and pets while remaining extremely durable and beautiful. When making a decision whether to chose traditional solid wood, engineered flooring or laminate flooring, solid flooring is the longest lasting and most expensive, but it can be sanded and repaired repeatedly, so it is worth the cost.  Engineered flooring is the most durable when considering issues of moisture. Laminate is an option and is the least expensive, however it is also the least durable. It is easy to clean but doesn’t retain its resale value.

Hardwood Flooring improves the indoor air quality which makes it a healthy option for your family. It is estimated that 15% of people suffer with health conditions. Many experts suggest removing their carpeting and adding wood flooring to help cut down on allergens.

Hardwood Flooring is an earth-friendly option.  Hardwood forests are being planted to ensure sustainability.   Wood flooring may last generations. They require less energy and natural resources, thus demanding less replacement and producing less landfill waste.

Hardwood Floors can add up to 2.5% to your home’s value.  Buyers love seeing hardwood flooring and Realtors report Eco-friendly floors are one of the biggest design trends right now. Homes sell faster for more money when they feature hardwood flooring. 

When weighing the benefits of installing hardwood flooring against carpeting, ceramic tile or vinyl, hardwood flooring is obvious winner.