How do you beautify white stucco walls, by utilizing Red Mangaras wood

National HardwoodProjects

A builder came to us asking what material he could use to help fancify the white stucco exterior walls of his fabulous new home. 

We suggested Red Mangaras.  The rich tones of this wood product was the perfect choice for his problem, solving the issue of lacking curb appeal.

The 4” x  4’ Red Mangaras beams surrounded a  6’ wide,  6’ deep, 20’ tower by the front door. With the introduction of the deep red, it added a warm welcoming feeling to the home.

To balance the exterior of the home, Red Mangaras were installed above the garage and on the opposing upstairs wall.  

Red Mangaras is Class A rated, by the California State Fire Marshall. It’s extremely hard and features a clear grade, with tight interlocking grain. Red Mangaras is also perfect for fencing, walls, siding or when surrounding fireplaces.

When the job was done, this lovely home was made that much better.