It looks like Wood, feels like Wood, but isn’t Wood – WPC Flooring

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WPC Flooring – Wood flooring that isn’t exactly wood

We had a customer come into the store explaining to us that she was tossing out her old carpets and was looking for something that looked like wood, but was waterproof, could withstand her two dogs and was easy to clean to replace them. We showed her some samples of WPC flooring, which looks like wood, but is completely waterproof and was mop and go easy to clean.

We explained to her that although “W” in the term WPC stands for wood, it didn’t actually contain hardwoods as we know it. It was a composite of wood, flour, fibers and heated thermoplastic resins. Combined, this type of flooring was water resistance with a durability factor that surpassed conventional types of flooring. We went on and explained that the WPC vinyl was comprised of four layers:

  • A wear layer, which was available in different thicknesses, especially created for easy clean up.
  • A printed vinyl top layer, with a 3D printed image of the more classic floors.
  • A WPC core layer that was the thickest part. Is contained a high-density engineered core, was waterproof, didn’t expand, contract or swell. Doesn’t peel and could withstand standing water.
  • The final layer was the backing pre-attached, underpad Layer. This layer would provide her with additional sound insulation, as well as being mold and mildew resistant.

We next shared with her the pros and cons of WPC Flooring:


  • Real Wood Look,
  • Durability,
  • Waterproof,
  • Affordable,
  • Quiet,
  • Easy Care,
  • Comfort,
  • Dimensionally stable


  •  It wouldn’t add much to the value to her home as it wasn’t real hardwood.
  • The patter would repeat every few boards.
  • WPC isn’t known to be the most green product.     

After weighing all her options, she decided to cover all the floors in her home with a mid brown shade of WPC flooring,  and once they were installed, she couldn’t have been happier.

WPC is a viable choice when wanting a wood floor without the wood.